About Henriette

A promising debut

After her debut single “Dream Boy” went on rotation in countless countries on three continents, HENRIETTE upped the ante with her singles “Lighthouse” and “Crash Like This” and finally made a more than successful start with her self-titled debut EP. Music Row magazine described HENRIETTE’s music as «a trip to a beautiful country» and even the famous British Maverick magazine called her EP «a promising debut» and nominated “Dream Boy” as one of the top 12 songs of the summer.

Now, in the middle of the global pandemic, HENRIETTE does what she’s best at: Writing songs, listening to her heart, telling stories. Numerous new songs have been written in the past months, some of them in video sessions across the ocean with songwriters from Nashville, some of them all alone in an intimate lockdown atmosphere. This way, she continues to pave her way despite all the changes. 

The picture that the musician painted with her debut EP has now become noticeably more mature, more colorful and emotionally more courageous. The new songs expand the musical range, show previously undiscovered facets, dive deeper into her soul and take the listeners on a journey into the American vastness, only to finally settle down again in their own hearts. 


With her new singles “Remember That”, “Never Go Back” and “Masterpiece”, HENRIETTE now provides new momentum and shows that really great atmospheric Country Pop can bring a happy smile to your face, even in the biggest crisis.