I will always guide you home I'll always help you out On the stormy sea I'll be Your lighthouse


We have all found ourselves in a situation in which life has overtaken us like a crashing wave, in which we believe we are alone, in which we swim ever upward and never reach the surface.

With LIGHTHOUSE, Henriette dedicates herself to the situations in life that paint the world with darkness, from which there is no escape, that rob us of our foothold.

In this unreckonable ocean it is essential not to row alone, but rather to have a LIGHTHOUSE that will lead us safely home, a lifeline, a beacon of hope.

For some, it may be friends, family. For others it’s a partner, sport, travel or faith…a LIGHTHOUSE has many faces.

For Henriette it has always been music.

“I will always guide you home, I’ll always help you out. On a stormy sea I’ll be your lighthouse.”

From deep within her soul, Henriette offers this promise and with it shines a warm bright constant light into the night.



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