One of the greatest moments we all know, is the very first kiss with a person you love. So it doesn’t come as a surprise how many songs dedicate themselves to this „once in a relationship experience“.

But there’s something even more special, something that deserves a lot more attention- and that’s the moment right BEFORE the very first kiss. The moment when seconds turn into hours, make us fall and fly at the same time, our world is spinning faster but also standing completely still. Butterflies, rainbows, fireworks, angels choirs, dry lips, shaking hands, high pulse- it’s all there. A crackling tension lies in the air- a tension that, sometimes, we can not handle.

So we rush trough it, skip the spark and go straight to the fire, pass over the uniqueness this moment holds. With „Never go back“ HENRIETTE invites us to dive deep into the joy of anticipation, to „slow down and take it in cause we’ll never be here again“. Don’t push forward, cause there is no rewind.


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