“Never Go Back” is about one of the greatest moments we all know: the very first kiss with someone you fell in love with. But there’s one more thing that deserves a lot more attention, and that’s the moment right before the very first kiss. Butterflies, rainbows, fireworks, angelic choirs, high pulse, trembling hands, it’s all there. A crackling tension lies in the air. But we often can’t endure it, can’t withstand the intense gaze, so we rush through this feeling and miss this special moment. With “Never Go Back” HENRIETTE invites us to dive deep into this joy of anticipation, because it is unique and will never return in this form.


“Remember That“ definitely is the most personal song I’ve ever written.
It’s “daddycated“ to my father, who passed away on Christmas 2017.
The first melody he ever taught me on piano was “Silent Night.”
My Dad had a very deep connection to music and was beyond mesmerized by its magic. He always used to say, “Henri, no matter how bad things are, no matter how sad you feel — sing! As soon as you sing, the world will be a lot better!”

After he was gone, this message got stuck in my head like glue, but it didn’t want to come out for a while. That changed when I had my first songwriting session with Adam Ollendorff in May 2019. Adam absolutely loved the story, so we tried out a few things and came up with this pure, powerful, personal song. “Remember That“ tells the story about a very special love between father and daughter. It’s about childhood comfort, growing up, about the highs and lows and, most important, about letting go.


“Pure, real, simple, without filter, that’s how HENRIETTE considers herself. She can be as quiet as a breeze and as fiery as the sun. She sings of longing and freedom in all its facets, whispers hope, makes us dream and carries us off into the endless vastness of the prairie, only to finally settle down again in our own hearts. A real free spirit soul, which paves its way with childlike wisdom and trust. HENRIETTE presents with her debut EP varied and emotional songs, providing the right soundtrack for every life situation.”


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„Henriette- a new star at the Country/Folk-Pop sky!“


„Great song and a beautiful voice!“



„This charming little tune comes wafting through the speakers like a summer breeze. An audio vacation trip to a lovely land!“


„Although it’s (only) five songs she released, it already reflects how much talent you can find in this young lady. We’re very sure there’s big things to come- and we’re looking forward to it!“



„Very emotional album, soothing songs with many thought-provoking impulses.“



"She is from Germany, but her recent sojourn in Music City has evidently paid off in songwriting chops."